A Fine Sunday at Burdiehouse

Post by William Grantham

In the forecast sunshine the Dirty Weekenders found ourselves once again travelling to Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park where we were met by Espy the ranger in charge of the park. She gave us an introduction to the park and our project of crown lifting one of small woods in the park. This involves removing the branches of the well-established trees up to head height to improve accessibility, light and biodiversity of the wood.

We got stuck into the task, spreading out into the wood and removing the branches with saws and loppers. We broke for lunch and found a nice patch of sun to eat the lunch the site provided for us.

Joined by some friends of the park and a certain step-obsessed dirty, we tackled a huge patch of wild rose and a rather bushy holy tree. After a break for hot drinks prepared by storm kettle we tidied up and removed some litter from the area, the spoils of which included a humongous metal hula-hoop, a pumpkin and child’s scooter, the last carried back on a public bus to join the Dirty’s collection of “recreational tools”.

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