The Prodigal Return to Duddingston (Sunday 3rd December)

This Sunday we went to Duddingston Community Garden, where we worked on several tasks. One group was responsible for clearing a whole lot of leaves outside of a roofless room, which in warmer weather functions as an outdoor cinema. On the more physically demanding side, another group had to load sand into wheelbarrows at the bottom of a hill, then get it all the way up and dump it. Finally, another group was working on cutting brambles back. Once the leaves had been cleared and all the sand shifted, we moved onto gathering seeds from various plants around the community garden, so that more can be grown in future years. This included hawthorns, rosehips, and various other things. Once we had gathered these seeds we were taught how to place them into a leafy pot to help them grow. We were also given a lovely lunch with soups, breads, and lots of extra snacks!’


by Michael Cutter

The Roslin Ode of Loss (Sunday 26th November)

It is my sad duty to announce that this week we lost one of our own.

It all began like every other Dirties Sunday, we all met up at The Pleasance in the crisp Edinburgh air and made our way to the project. This week we were off to Roslin Glen for a spot of litter picking. Everyone was in high spirits, laughing and chatting as we walked through the park, picking up litter along the way. Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we set up by the river where we dined on the classic Dirties’ cheese salad sandwich.  As usual, there was too much food but we soon took care of that.

It was after lunch when tragedy struck. It happened so quickly, it’s difficult to say what happened. He fell in the icy water and the torrent picked him up and carried him downstream. We did our best to find him but alas it wasn’t enough, we lost him to the river. Few words were said on the journey back, everyone was in shock. We made our way to the pub knowing that is what he would have wanted, for us all to carry on with our lives like normal. We all gathered together and raised our glasses to our lost friend, the frisbee.


by Amy Shore