About the Dirty Weekenders

The Edinburgh Dirty Weekenders logo

The University of Edinburgh Conservation Volunteers, or “The Dirty Weekenders” is a student-run Uni society dedicated to carrying out practical conservation work, often along side local rangers and organisations such as SWT, SNH, the Foresty Commision and Lothian Councils. We have a project every Sunday where we work at a nature park or similar place, in or around Edinburgh. These projects aim to improve natural aesthetics, maintain paths and aid in conservation work such as tree planting and invasive species eradication. Tools, lunches (and biscuits!) and transport are all provided, making it easy to get yourself involved!

The Edinburgh Dirty Weekenders sitting in wheelbarrows

We also meet up to socialize every Thursday at the Auld Hoose pub. We have also been known to go to ceilidhs, have tv & films nights, and other socials.

Every so often, around once or twice per semester, we have ‘bothies’ – a weekend away doing conservation work, socializing, and generally having a great time. Details of these will be posted once dates and locations are finalized.

The Dirty Weekenders Constitution is available here!
The Dirty Weekenders Accessibility Statement is available here!