Formed in 1991 by Andy Jefferies, Dirty Weekenders is still going strong nearly 30 years on!

We celebrated 20 years in October 2011 with a big ceilidh and conservation weekend at Kelburn Castle. Dirties old and new swapped notes and we had all the presidents past and present (about half the total) and some apples line up in order of election:The History of the Dirty Weekenders

And in September 2015 celebrated 25 years with a Super-Bothy to Sam’s Croft, with Dirties old and new.

Here is a record of the past committees: Spreadsheet

It is as complete as possible but we are missing details for 8 years. If you remember the names of any committee members in the years: 1991-6, 2000-1 or 2003-4, or have any corrections to make please leave a comment so we can fill in all those blanks (or email [email protected]).