Dalkeith Country Park By Michael Inman

Upon a cold and bright young morning,
We travelled far with some still yawning,
Out of city and into town,
We arrived to a quiet Dalkeith.
We walked to a place rich in palatial history,
Surrounded by forest filled with mystery.
For they had trees so old civilization seemed young,
Oaks so spanning a thousand years to grow.
The oaks did rise strong to last,
Far from mans axe to make ships mast.
Yet now despite such a problem did grow,
Amongst old branches the birds do so sit,
To wich then disastrously the seed got cast.
With seed came holy now deemed to last,
All taking root so then nothing else could,
Oh pest holy bush growing fast and wild,
You leave no space for our old oak child!
So with this we arrived to change such disaster,
To remove pest holy so oaks future could be had,
With good spirit, pull, mattock and swing ,
Out came the Holly like a unsprung spring,
With one gone followed by another,
Great swathe of Holly came to be no more,
The soils so rich below now freed,
Is perfect for oak now to seed,
With holy bush gone we’ve made new hope,
A millenia of history shall now have future,
We smiled knowing such so glad work was done,
And back we then travelled to the pub for some fun.

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