Duddingston Village

Duddingston Village


Once upon a time, there was a village called Duddingston. It had a glorious community garden, famous for magnificent soups freshly prepared by the villagers from vegetables cultivated on the grounds.

One day the village folk noticed their compost bins were full to the brim…

They also decided that as the spring was coming, the garden was in need of a new outdoor area for community gatherings. They dreamt of a sturdy table and a few benches, where they could sit and suntan…

They gathered and wondered how to turn their ideas into reality. Not long afterwards they decided to call for the help of a famous superhero group called the Dirty Weekenders.

Dirties were keen on taking a break from their day jobs, which was intense studying at the Edinburgh University. (As we know, all superheroes have day jobs).

On Sunday 19th March, Dirties were prepared for hard work from dawn until dusk. Their devotion was boundless. Superhero Gareth even spent an entire morning digging through a mountain of compost.

They raked compost, weeded potato patches, and generally helped to clean up the garden after winter.

Then lunchtime came around, and the villagers gifted Dirties with delicacies made by their own bare hands. Dirties replenished energy with freshly baked porridge bread, warm soup, and numerous cups of tea and hot chocolate.

After lunch, they played the traditional game of ratchet-screwdriver. The villagers observed them in awe; however, they said nothing and just recorded this strange ritual on their cameras for future generations of social anthropologists.

Grey clouds gathered and for a moment it seemed as if the rain was to ruin that beautiful sunny day… but (possibly thanks to the ratchet-screwdriver) the clouds passed and the sun brought new energy to the Weekenders. They were ready for further work.

The most challenging task of the day was yet to be completed. Specifically putting the newly made table into place!

First, the ground had to be made flat and stable. This was not easy. Yet, they managed! They also made some impressive sand sculptures, representing the whole picture of human architectural achievement.

Finally, everyone put their strengths together and the mighty table was set upon the ground. The people of Duddingston recorded this memorable moment and rewarded the Weekenders with pots of chives, mint, thymes, and bunches of kale.

Dirties made their way back to the Auld Hoose to rest, eat nachos, and drink golden beverages from mighty crystal glasses. The end.

Written and drawn by Asia Koter

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